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Panel City Tour

Join us on a captivating 80-minute journey through Plovdiv’s Panel City, highlighting the contrasts and cultures of the Trakiya and Stolipinovo districts. Trakiya, the newest and largest panel block district in Bulgaria, reflects the rapid urban growth since its foundation in 1973, showcasing both historical and contemporary architecture. Meanwhile, Stolipinovo, home to a vibrant community of nearly 40,000, is Bulgaria’s largest urban ghetto, rich in diversity and tradition. This tour offers a glimpse into the daily lives and heritage of its inhabitants, fostering understanding and appreciation of Plovdiv’s multifaceted urban landscape.

BGN 280.00

Along Maritsa River Tour

Embark on an 80-minute Retro Safari tour along the Maritsa River in Plovdiv, exploring from a unique perspective in a vintage car. Discover the river’s ancient significance, once a vital trade route and worshipped in antiquity, stretching 12 kilometers across Plovdiv. Marvel at its historic breadth, reaching up to 600 meters, and uncover the timeless connection between Plovdiv and the Maritsa, a testament to the city’s rich heritage and the river’s enduring legacy.

BGN 280.00

Around the Hills of Plovdiv Tour

Explore the heart of Plovdiv in a vintage car with our 80-minute tour around the city’s iconic hills, a stunning geological phenomenon and a symbol of Plovdiv’s unique charm. These six syenite hills, formed over 70 million years ago, house numerous archaeological sites and offer breathtaking views of the city. Declared natural landmarks, they encapsulate the city’s blend of natural beauty and ancient history. This tour provides a glimpse into the enduring legacy of the Plovdiv hills, from their geological wonders to the centuries-old quarries that have shaped their landscape. Join us to discover the enduring allure of Plovdiv’s natural monuments, a testament to nature’s artistry and human history intertwined.

BGN 280.00

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